About Us

Real Time Retail analytics using CCTV IP Camera infrastructre connected to the cloud.

Trackometrix is a real-time video analytics cloud based “Consumer Discovery” platform for Retail that is powered with an AI, Machine learning and Nerual network for image processing like Face Recognition, Objection Detection, Motion Analytics, Emotion Detection and OCR. The system is built to process peta bytes of data on consumers behavior, action/motion and transaction analytics all in “Real Time”.

Reveal Star Consumers across multiple stores in a diverse geographic environment.

Trackometrix allows retailers to visualize high volumes of data on every footfall in “Real Time” displaying information like age, gender, mood, unique vs repeat visits, people management etc to more complex actionable reporting to empower retailers to make real time decisions, Track ROI/conversion, Cross sell/Upsell, understand Product Affinity and Market Basket Analysis as well as predict future purchase patterns.

  • Consumers are fixed to a set of retail stores because of their geographic proximity its important for retailers to give them that recognition and superior shopping experience.
  • Retails are unable to recognize star consumers across the retail chain because there is no system to recognize them using a system.
  • Trackometrix allows you to pick a John Doe or a Sarah Jane in the retailers system based on merit (ie. No of past visits, time spent in store and purchases made) and enroll them to a loyal program.
  • Trackometrix empowers retailers to recognize star consumers and value them using a proprietary metrics known as loyalty score. The loyalty score consists of information on
    –The no of visits made by the consumer to the store
    –Time spent in store and
    –The value of purchase


  • Access Multiple Sites from One Interface
  • Video Management, Access Control, Intrusion, Analytics and more all in one intuitive interface.
  • Remote Access through a Web Browser
  • View multiple cameras and even multiple sites
  • Non intrusive and completely secure


  • We use existing CCTV IP camera Infrastructure to analyse consumers
  • Retailers also have the option to directly uplaod recorded feed to the system or provide a feed link for us to analyse& report on the cloud.
  • Incase you are sticky we provide a custom Designed “Retail Analytics Engine” that will process their primary data and send it to the cloud for the analytics and reports to be processed.