Customer Metrics

Customer Metrics/Analytics (Tracking with UID, age, gender, tracking visits, tracking age and gender, footfall comparison )

Trackometrix uses existing CCTV IP Camera infrastructure by connecting it directly with Azure (Microsoft cloud) and gives retailers access to a Real-Time analytics.

Trackometrix is like Google analytics but it’s for Brick and Mortar retail.

Today’s retail reality demands that brick-and-mortar stores no longer compete on product, price, and availability alone a customer continuing to patronize a retail outlet today depends on superior customer experience. To provide a superior customer experience retailers need to understand footfalls by using traffic counting and footfall analysis. Traffic analysis is to gain deeper insights about shoppers at the door and throughout the store.

Trackometrix Traffic Counting and Conversion, the most advanced retail traffic counting technology and analytics solution available, goes beyond other simple retail traffic counters and provides data throughout the store. With this data, Store Operations Managers gain access to powerful shopping analytics uncovering insights on shopper behavior throughout the store, which drive significant gains to conversion rates and average transaction value.

Trackometrix Real Time Analytics enables retailers to track all stores online and enables retailers to understand these footfalls. Trackometrix is the most advanced retail analytics product that empowers retailers to connect with all footfalls across stores in various geographic locations.

Customer Metrics/Analytics features

  • Unique ID for every consumer (every consumer s is tagged with a unique ID when they come into store. This id is used for every trip that consumer makes to store.
  • Age – Age (+/-5) is assigned to every consumer
  • Gender – gender is assigned to every footfall
  • Time and date of visit of every consumer
  • Personal information manager (PIM) details of every footfall isrecorded independently.
  • Occupancy of store by time
  • Compare occupancy of stores
  • Compare footfalls, age and gender
  • Track mood of walk ins (Special Feature)
  • Walk by Vs. Walk in
  • ROI calculator

Trackometrix enables retailers to track all stores online in Real-Time and understand footfalls analytics as well as track every individual footfall .

Knowing how many customers enter in and out of stores, what is their age, what is their gender, how often do they come into the store, what is their preferred date and time of visit is valuable information and can be used to put other measures, such as predicting gross sales, footfall, market basket analysis, replenishment, supply chain management into perspective. This basic function must be accomplished accurately, as it provides the essential data from which more advanced analytics are assembled.

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