How it Works


CCTV IP Camera to cloud

It's that simple!

  • Plug and Play: CCTV IP Camera to cloud for real time Real time retail analytics.
  • No additional hardware required!
  • SAAS Model with pay as you go on the cloud.
  • Proprietary Technology

Configure Network Camera for Trackometrix Real Time Analytics for Cloud

Step 1: Setup the Camera – Find the Camera’s IP Address

Turn on the camera; connect the camera with a network router using an Ethernet cable.
From a PC in the same network, insert the camera’s software CD and install the setup program. After it is installed, run the Setup Wizard. You will see the screen like below:

Setup the Camera

Click “Search” to find the network camera in the same network.

Step 2: Configure the Camera Using the Web-based Configuration Tool

Open a web browser and access the Camera’s configuration page at:
(Please replace the IP address with the real IP address found using the SwannEye Search Tool), To logon, you need to find the default username and password in the camera’s User Manual.

Step 3: Set the Image Resolution

Using the camera’s web-based configuration tool, click “Video”, it will allow you to select an image resolution. (See the screenshot above). Please make sure it matches your CameraFTP subscription.

For most home users or casual users, 320x240 is ok.

For better image quality, you can choose 640x480. Please note this will increase the bandwidth and storage usage by about 4 times. The CameraFTP subscription cost is also significantly higher.

Step 4: Wireless Setup (skip this step if it is not a wireless network camera)

From the camera’s web-based configuration tool, find “Wireless Setup”, then click on “Site Survey” or “Scan”. You will find a list of Wireless Networks. Select your wireless router’s SSID in the list and enter the correct authentication credentials. Your camera will be connected to your wireless network.

Step 5: Setup CameraFTP Service

If you don’t have an account on, please visit and sign up a free trial account. offers 2-day free trial. After 2 days, you need to order our paid subscription to continue using the service. Assuming you have an account on, then from the camera’s web-based configuration tool, click on the “FTP” tab (or Event Server / Event Configuration tab) to locate a place where you can enter the FTP information. The screenshot below is just an example. Different cameras may have very different user interfaces.

Configure the Camera