Retail is changing. And the retail store must change, too.

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Trackometrix deliveries benefits to brands focused on…

Things Centric IoT

Operators of Things:

Focuses on patterns involving the operation of old and new equipment, now integrated with intelligent things, can become interactive, reactive, and adaptive; to each other, people and places

People Centric IoT

Occupiers of Locations:

Focuses on patterns involving the usage of a location, now integrated with intelligent in-door location services, can deliver utilization tracking while engaging people as they navigate the location


F&B Chains, Retail Chains, manufacturing companies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical firms and enterprises in many other industries face the day-to-day challenges of SOP management.

Introducing SOPs, and ensuring that they are followed, directly contributes to product and service quality and therefore the overall success of an organization.

Confirming that existing processes are compliant with regulations and proving that policies have been followed is extremely challenging across various geographical locations, this to date has proven to be an expensive and exhaustive exercise…..


Traditional Monitoring

  • Human intensive
  • Cumbersome
  • High margin for error

Trackometrix Monitoring

  • IoT connected infrastructure (Camera’s, sensors Cognitive cloud platform
  • Fully Automated Dashboard
  • SMS & Email Alert based system
  • Limited human intervention
  • Greater accuracy
  • Back up on the cloud
  • Camera health & down-time monitoring & alerts
  • Client Access to control panel

Food Loss

Temperature sensors trigger alerts if food reaches an unsafe temperature preventing spoilage.

Energy use

With data from occupancy sensors, smart HVAC and lighting can automatically adjust to variations in need between peak and off peak hours.

Preventive maintenance

By analyzing equipment performance indicators such temperature, vibrations or power consumption, retailers can predict when equipment will fail before it does.

Queue Management

Using heatmaps of shopper density and location, retailers can offer timely services and reallocate staff to meet demand in real-time.

Shopper Insights

Insights from in store behavior, purchase history and social media activities can help retailers to provide personalized offers and predict future trends.

Inventory management

RFID tags can capture data including GPS location, temperature, pressure & other information, helping retailers track inventory across the supply chain and restock shelves to meet demand.

Fleet Management

GPS location and weather data provide information about road and environmental conditions that enables better route planning and ensure drive safety.

Vendor Fraud Prevention

Use real -time data analytics to manage complex vendor networks, ensuring shipment, product quality, and pricing accuracy.

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