People Counting

People Counting (Footfalls in store, Average time in store, Gender (YTD comparison) People counting is the base.

Measure, manage and improve footfall, conversion and sales with an accurate, intuitive and easy-to-use solution.

Trackometrix uses CCTV IP camera infrastructure for people counting. Footfall insights go above and beyond just counting the number of people walking through a door.

The data collected means you can make informed and reliable decisions on staff optimisation, trend analysis and occupancy levels. These factors will drive up conversion rates and improve store

"If you need to know your customer flow with great technology and amazing data capture, that is simple to use, Axiomatic Technology is where to go!" Paul Griffin, Senior Area Manager -CSL Sofas

If you're looking for simple, affordable customer footfall and pedestrian visitor counts then we have the answer. And if you need sophisticated tools for occupancy information, or workplace management solutions at any scale — then we have the experience and proven expertise to put you ahead.

Retailers can get vital information from people counting:
  • How many visitors am I getting?
  • How well did the promotion really work?
  • How can we measure Sales Conversion rates?
  • Did our advertising increase footfall and sales conversion rates?
  • How can we plan for peaks and troughs in footfall, occupancy, pedestrian flows or retail traffic?
  • How can we schedule staff to improve and maximise customer service?
  • How can I manage the occupancy of live events?
  • How can we accurately compare retail metrics across multiple locations?
  • How efficiently is our building being used?


  • Occupancy by time and date
  • Age and gender of footfalls

Measure traffic & conversion

Accurately count store traffic and related conversion to better evaluate the total sales opportunity.

Benchmark store performance

Get segment-specific data down to the zip code to benchmark store performance against competition & the broader market.

Measure marketing & operations

Gain quantitative insight on the impact of campaigns on shopper experience, loyalty and sales.

Data integration & analytics

Explore integrated data sets interactively to quickly discover insights and create meaningful change.

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