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People Watch List

The human face plays the most important part in establishing a person’s true identity. Trackometrix advanced face detection software allows for the system to recognize individuals even when try and mislead the system with disguing features like glasses, moustaches, caps etc. Trackometrix “People Watch” Uses the human face as a key to identification for purposes of security, access permission, perimeter breach, Loyalty, priority banking, Shoplifters etc Trackometrix People Watch has applications across various industries like manufacturing, shopping centers, retail chains, Hospitals, education centers, entertainment destinations, stadiums etc to name a few biometric face recognition technology has received significant attention in the past several years due to its potential for a wide variety of.

As compared with other biometrics systems using fingerprint/palmprint and iris, face recognition has distinct advantages because of its non-contact process. Face images can be captured from a distance without touching the person being identified, and the identification does not require interacting with the person. In addition, face recognition serves the crime deterrent purpose because face images that have been recorded and archived can later help identify a person.

Trackometrix allows for the system to set up real time alerts under an advanced People management solution called PIM or personal information management. The PIM is a Watch list delivered through advanced video analytics using face recognition the product that can be setup to look for certain individuals who have been enrolled in the watch list database.


Trackometrix Fast & accurate face recognition

  • Cloud based plug and play solution
  • Multiple-matching face detection
  • Combination of eye-zone extraction and facial recognition
  • Recognition based on neural network technology
  • Short processing time, high recognition rate
  • Recognition regardless of vantage point and facial changes (glasses, beard, and expression)
  • Identification and authentication based on individual facial features
  • Extraction of similar facial areas
  • Supports diverse graphic and video formats as well as live cameras