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Trackometrix is a plug and play product where the CCTV IP cameras
are connected directly to the cloud.

People Counting System

People Counting


Measure, manage and improve footfall, conversion and sales with an accurate, intuitive and easy-to-use solution.Trackometrix uses CCTV IP camera infrastructure for people counting. Footfall insights go above and beyond just counting the number of people walking through a door.

critical retail metric

Customer Metrics


Today’s retail reality demands that brick-and-mortar stores no longer compete on product, price, and availability alone a customer continuing to patronize a retail outlet today depends on superior customer experience.

People Watching

People Watch list


The human face plays the most important part in establishing a person’s true identity. Trackometrix advanced face detection software allows for the system to recognize individuals even when try and mislead the system with disguing features like glasses, moustaches, caps etc.


Perimeter Security


Today’s world demands extra protection for loved ones, property, valuables, protection against sabotage etc. Perimeter security has never been more important. With the rise in value of raw materials, theft is increasingly a problem.