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Retail Analytics SAAS solution

Trackometrix A Retail Analytics SAAS solution using Face Recognition, objection detection, Motion analytics, emotion detection and OCR. Trackometrix detects & auto tags every consumer with a unique id, assigns age & gender to tracks, trails and senses patterns on behaviour analytics, motion analytics and transaction analytics. The system is future built for predictive analysis, market basket affinity and tounderstand neurological connectivity.

Improve talent management by tracking employees, wages and even sales contests and other incentives designed to motivate associates to improve customer service, increase top line sales or promote specific items. Track sales per square foot and linear foot for departments and sub-departments at each of your locations. Apply floor space zone attributes to your sales and inventory data, to tune floor sets and plan-o-grams to customer purchasing patterns and the availability of inventory.

The Future of Retail Industry

Having control of a store can become complicated due to the generation of dynamic data. How many people are in a given area or department? Which products are most in demand during one or more promotions? Which aisles are most visited? What products have the most complaints? The average time people spend in front of each shelf and frequency of visit. It even answer questions about your spaces and products such as ‘is the promotion booth well located’, ‘is the distribution of products working’, etc.

We can see that today's technology works to improve your knowledge of the retail industry, your business and your customers, improve your retail chains, offer services through new technologies, get more and better results and, more importantly, earn higher profits.

Raw File Demonstrating Accuracy With Low Quality Images

In the logistics domain, in the areas of transportation and storage, for the inspection of goods and materials, etc., numbers, codes and special symbols play a major role. These are often not machine readable, but are simply printed on panels or directly onto the surface of containers or goods, which requires they be optically recognized, often under difficult conditions. The automatic recognition of characters, even outside of controlled environments, can therefore lead to a dramatic increase in efficiency in process control, inspection, inventory management, etc.

Trackometrix develops specialized algorithms and software components for the recognition of characters in various domains. This includes the transportation and logistics domain, where train and wagon numbers are captured, the shipping domain, where containers and goods are being inventoried, or the domain of the inspection of technical material. Trackometrix character recognition works quickly and reliably, without requiring specialized sensors. Recognized characters include numbers, letters, custom patterns or combinations thereof, special domain-specific symbols, as well as barcodes of various forms. This is done on static or moving objects, using single images or video.

Video Analytics Face Detection

-The increasing rate of crime calls for effective security measures. -Security Personnel, IP Cameras, CCTV are usually employed for these reasons. -But Human vigilance is required in each case which is bound to induce errors

-Manually monitoring CCTV cameras is tedious and monotonous which effectively reduces productivity. -Automated surveillance and analytics avoid these errors caused due to boredom and limited concentration span of humans. -Video Surveillance and Analytics has gained popularity as automated solutions are efficient.