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The Kerem Tunnel allows for a unique hiking and riding experience. The Kerem Tunnel is the first bicycle tunnel in Israel and was opened as part of the Jerusalem Ring Path, a 42-kilometer cycle path that runs around Jerusalem, the capital city.

The tunnel connects Nahal Refaim and Emek Motza. It is located in southern Israel located in Refaim Park. Ein Laban is the nearest. Nahal Ein Kerem is the northern entrance.

The 2.1-kilometer long tunnel was inaugurated on Thursday by Jerusalem and heritage minister Ze’ev Elkin and Moshe Lion, the Mayor. Moshe Lion. נווה פריצקי Avi Baleshnikov of Gihon, chairman of Gihon and a plethora of other cyclists were also present. The city’s rich history was a reason why it was a popular tourist attraction during the time of its glory. Nowadays, aside from its historical treasures the city also offers modern-day tourism,” Elkin said. “The opening (of [this] tunnel project is an additional part of the expansion of Jerusalem as well as its transformation into a desirable tourist city for all sorts of audiences in Israel as well as across the world.”

Elkin, whose ministry and the Jerusalem Municipality led the project, said that the Jerusalem Municipality’s ministry “invests hundreds to millions of shekels per year in the growth of all aspects Jerusalem’s tourists and in the development and operation of innovative attractions, ventures and attractions that link the rich history of Jerusalem’s eternal city to the future”. I invite you to ride your bicycles along a stunning, well-maintained route that overlooks Old Jerusalem.

Elkin’s Ministry Tourism Ministry, Jerusalem Municipality and Gihon Corporation contributed approximately NIS 25,000,000 for the project. The work was carried out by the Jerusalem Development Authority.

Elkin said that the Kerem Tunnel project is an essential tool for achieving the vision to change the way of thinking and transport in Jerusalem. Elkin explained that the proposed tunnel will connect with the Jerusalem Ring Path and will connect with existing bike paths. The tunnel will also be paved throughout its various neighborhoods. This will help cyclists and promote green transportation in the capital.

The Kerem Tunnel, originally excavated by the Gihon Corporation in the 1990s in order to move the main sewer line toward the Sorek purification plant.

“The Kerem tunnel is a crucial tool for achieving the goal of changing Jerusalem’s transport system. “

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon
Construction of roads installation, blowers, sophisticated safety systems , and electrical wiring are all part and parcel of the current work. The tunnel is safe for the people to use all entire year.

You can also access the Kerem Tunnel to enjoy unique recreation areas, such as Ein Kerem, the Biblical aquarium, zoo and Ein Kerem neighborhood.