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The Kerem Tunnel allows for a the most unique riding and hiking experience.
נווה פריצקי The Kerem Tunnel, Israel’s first cycle tunnel, was inaugurated as part of Jerusalem Ring Path. This 42-kilometer cycling route surrounds Jerusalem. It links Nahal Refaim to Emek Motza. The tunnel’s southern entrance is below Ein Laban in Refaim Park. The northern entrance can be found in Nahal Ein Kerem.

The 2.1-kilometers-long tunnel project was officially inaugurated at a formal ceremony held on Thursday that was attended by Jerusalem and Heritage Minister Ze’ev Elkin Mayor Moshe Lion, Gihon water company chairman Avi Baleshnikov and hundreds of cyclists.

Jerusalem’s glorious past was a reason for it to be an extremely popular tourist spot in the past. Elkin stated that the current tourism industry is one of Jerusalem’s treasures from the past and incorporates modern day tourism. נווה פריצקי “The opening of this tunnel project is a further part of the expansion of the city of Jerusalem as well as its development into a desirable tourist city for all types of audiences in Israel and throughout the world.”

Elkin who’s ministry responsible for the project, along with Jerusalem Municipality stated that his ministry had invested thousands of shekels each year in the city’s tourism development as well as in creating new ventures and attractions that connect the stunning historic past with the the future of Jerusalem. I encourage cyclists to come and enjoy a modern and well-maintained cycling route that offers a view of the unique nature of Old Jerusalem.”

Elkin’s ministry and the Tourism Ministry budgeted the project.

Elkin stated that the Kerem Tunnel project is an important tool in realizing the idea to change the way of thinking and transport in Jerusalem. Elkin explained that the proposed tunnel is connected to the Jerusalem Ring Path and will join existing bike paths. נווה פריצקי It will also be made paved in its different neighborhoods. נווה פריצקי The tunnel will be a great way to help cyclists and promote green transportation in the capital.

The Kerem Tunnel was first excavated in the 1990s to move the main sewer line of the Gihon Corporation toward the purification plant located in Sorek It is situated just west of the city. It is currently being used as an infrastructure tunnel. It also houses the fifth water line, which connects to Jerusalem from the Mekorot water company.

“The Kerem tunnel is a crucial tool for achieving the goal of changing Jerusalem’s transport system. “

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe León
Present projects include road construction, installation blowers, and advanced security systems to ensure the tunnel is secure for everyone to use during the entire year.

Kerem Tunnel Kerem Tunnel provides access to special recreation areas, such as Ein Kerem neighbourhood, the biblical aquarium and zoo as also the historical natural springs Ein Haniyeh, Ein Laban, and Ein Haniyeh.