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The Kerem Tunnel offers a unique riding and hiking experience for the enjoyment of
The Kerem Tunnel, the first bicycle tunnel in Israel was opened as part of the Jerusalem Ring Path, a 42-kilometer cycling route that surrounds Jerusalem, the capital city.

It links Nahal Refaim to Emek Motza. The tunnel’s southern entrance is beneath Ein Laban in Refaim Park. נווה פריצקי The northern entrance can be located in Nahal Ein Kerem.

The 2.1-kilometer long tunnel was officially opened on Thursday by Jerusalem and heritage minister Ze’ev Elkin and Moshe Lion, the Mayor. Moshe Lion. Avi Baleshnikov of Gihon, chairman of Gihon as well as a multitude of cyclists were also in attendance.

Jerusalem was a sought-after tourist destination due to its rich and fascinating past. Elkin declared that, in the present in addition to its rich history, Jerusalem also incorporates modern tourists. “The opening of this tunnel project is a further part of the growth of the city of Jerusalem and its transformation into a dazzling tourist city for all types of visitors in Israel and around the globe.”

Elkin, who heads the project in conjunction with Jerusalem Municipality said that his ministry invests hundreds of millions in the city’s tourism growth and also in the development of new attractions and ventures that link the glorious past of Jerusalem to the future. נווה פריצקי I encourage you to take your bicycles along a stunning maintained, well-maintained path that looks out over Old Jerusalem.

The project was financed by the Elkin’s Ministry and the Tourism Ministry. נווה פריצקי It also included budgets for Jerusalem Municipality and the Gihon Corporation. The project was done by the Jerusalem Development Authority.

Elkin declared that the Kerem Tunnel project was a key tool in realizing the goal of changing the concept for transport throughout Jerusalem. Elkin said that the new tunnel is connected to the Jerusalem Ring Path and will link with existing bike routes. The tunnel will also be made paved in the various areas. This will encourage cycling and promote green transport in Jerusalem. The Kerem Tunnel first was excavated in the 90s to move an important sewer line for the Gihon Corporation towards Sorek. It is now being used as an infrastructure tunnel which includes the fifth waterline to Jerusalem via the Mekorot water corporation.

“The Kerem tunnel project is a central tool for realizing the vision to change the notion of transportation in Jerusalem. “

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lon
Road construction installation, blowers, advanced security systems and electrical wiring are all part and parcel of the ongoing construction. The tunnel is safe for the public to use throughout the season.

You can also access the Kerem Tunnel to enjoy unique places to relax, such as Ein Kerem, the Biblical zoo, aquarium and the Ein Kerem neighborhood.