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The Kerem Tunnel allows for a the most unique riding and hiking experience.
The Kerem Tunnel, the first bicycle tunnel in Israel, has been inaugurated in the Jerusalem Ring Path, a 42-kilometer cycling route that surrounds Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city.

The tunnel runs through the Nahal-Refaim-Emek-Motza route. Its southern entry is located in Refaim Park under Ein Laban. The northern entrance, Nahal Ein Kerem, is about half a kilometer away from the Nahal Ein Kerem junction. On Thursday, Jerusalem and Heritage Minister Zeev Elkin, Mayor Michael, Avi Baleshnikov, Gihon chairman, and a slew of cyclists were present at a celebration to inaugurate the tunnel’s 2.1-kilometer-long length.

Jerusalem’s rich past was the main reason why it was the most visited tourist spot in the past. נווה פריצקי Elkin said that apart from its rich history the modern tourist industry is incorporated into the Jerusalem city. “The inauguration[of] the tunnel is an additional aspect of the development Jerusalem as well as its transformation into a desirable tourism destination for all in Israel as well as around the world.

Elkin, whose ministry was in charge of the project with Jerusalem Municipality stated that his ministry had invested hundreds of millions of shekels each year in the city’s tourism development and also in the creation of new activities and ventures that connect the stunning historical past and the future of Jerusalem. I encourage all cyclists to visit and enjoy the contemporary, well-maintained road that overlooks Old Jerusalem.

Elkin’s Ministry, Tourism Ministry, Jerusalem Municipality and Gihon Corporation contributed approximately NIS 25,000,000 for the project. The work was carried out by the Jerusalem Development Authority. “The Kerem Tunnel project is the central instrument for achieving the idea to change the concept of transportation in Jerusalem,” Elkin said. Elkin stated that the new tunnel will connect with the Jerusalem Ring Path and will join existing bike paths. The tunnel will also be paved in its various neighborhoods. It will also encourage cycling and promote green transport in Jerusalem. The Kerem Tunnel, originally excavated by the Gihon Corporation in the 1990s in order to transfer the main sewer line toward the Sorek purification plant.

“The Kerem Tunnel Project is an important tool in realizing the dream of changing the transportation concept throughout Jerusalem. “

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe León
Road construction installation, blowers, sophisticated security systems and electrical wiring are all part of the ongoing works. The tunnel will be safe for the people to use all entire year.

The Kerem Tunnel also allows access to unique recreation sites such as the Ein Kerem neighborhood, the biblical zoo and aquarium as well as the historic natural springs of Ein Laban and Ein Haniyeh.