Duque claim Petro of using his position to attack and decimate the army. Duque suggests that Petro resign.

The president was scheduled to talk about pensions and closing Asofundos. Instead the president addressed politics.

President Ivan Duque’s closing address during the Asofondos congress Cartagena was not the one was planned for. Instead of discussing pensions, Duque began to discuss politics and the ways to do. https://notes.io/qwPCT was attacked for making use of the house to attack the military. He also criticized his dual status as a congressman and a candidate.

Duvalier Santiago Duvalier Santiago Valle del Cauca Green Alliance representative, interrupted him and asked him what he would respond to the actions of General Eduardo Zapateiro in opposition to Gustavo Petro ‘s comments.

“Article 219” of the Constitution prohibits military forces from being involved in political situations, taking sides or participating in the debate on democracy which is currently in existence. The nation is in shock. https://pastelink.net/lvuvfxgy is a crucial moment, the way General Zapateiro acted,” Sanchez said as he reached for his phone and broadcasted everything that was going on via his Facebook account.

The president reacted to the chaos by the president defended Zapateiro. He added anyone who makes allegations against the members of the public force must be investigated.

Petro’s double status as a congressman and leader of the opposition today was criticized by President Duque.

“Who is making the accusations?” Are you Senator? The president informed me that I had resigned as a Member of Congress after winning the popular consultation. The reason for this was that I wanted to be able as a candidate, to freely voice my opinions and not put on a double helmet to attack the institution and then paint myself as the victim. This is not democratic.”

Sanchez tried to keep up with the issue, but the president was adamant and demanded that he follow the guidelines.

How did the fight to defend Petro and Zapateiro start?

Petro sent the message below through his networks on April 20. “While soldiers are dying at the hands of Gulf Clan terrorists, some generals are employed by the clan.” gustavo petro in the leadership can be seen in the case of drug trafficking politicians that become generals.” the presidential candidate wrote.

This Friday Zapateiro replied in the same manner: “Senator, do not take advantage of your power of power of investiture (parliamentary inviolability) to pretend to play politics with the death of our soldiers. Instead, fulfill your citizen duty of providing a substantiated report to the Prosecutor’s office of the facts you have mentioned regardless of who you are.”