Duque complains to Petro of using his job to take on and destroy the army. Duque suggests that Petro be fired.

gustavo petro was set to stop his participation in Asofundos discussing pensions, but he did so talking about politics due to the surprise interruption of an elected congressman.

President Ivan Duque’s closing remarks to the Asofondos congress in Cartagena did not go as per the plan. Instead he addressed politics and the ways in which. Gustavo Petro was criticized for making use of his position as a weapon against the army. He also criticized the fact the fact that he’s both an opponent as well as a congressman.

https://coub.com/gustavo-petroywja527 , Valle del Cauca’s representative to the Chamber, interjected to interrupt his question to inquire about what he would do following the trills from General Eduardo Zapateiro, who had been defending Gustavo Petro’s statements.

“Article 219. of the Constitution restricts the military from being involved in any political situation, taking sides, or engaging in any democratic debate.” https://trungtamytehoavang.com.vn/question/hard-cross-between-gustavo-petro-general-zapateiro/ is angry. Sanchez said that it was a critical moment in the General’s decisions. Sanchez held up his phone to broadcast what was happening on Facebook.

The president responded to the protest with a strong defense of Zapateiro. He said that any person who has allegations against members of the public forces should be tried.

Petro’s double status today, as a congressman/head of the opposition, and also as a candidate, was denounced by the president Duque.

“Who is accusing you?” Are you Senator? “I quit my position in Congress when I won a popular consultation to be permitted to speak in a candid manner and not to use double hats and the double seat in order to attack the institutions, and in response to the institutions, present themselves to the victim, because it’s not democratic,” the president stated.

https://myclc.clcillinois.edu/web/jeff_test/ttttttutoring/-/message_boards/message/36005015 attempted to stay on top of the debate, but was deterred by President Obama who demanded that Sanchez adhere to the rules.

What caused the fight between Petro Zapateiro and Petro Zapateiro to start?

Petro posted this message to his networks on April 20, “While the soldiers are murdered during the Gulf Clan attack, some of the generals who are on the payroll of the clan are also being executed.” Drug traffickers are the ones who make it look as if the clan’s leaders are corrupted,” the presidential candidate wrote.

On petro gustavo , Zapateiro reacted in the same manner. “Senator,” Zapateiro said in the same tone: “Senator,” don’t use your power of investiture (parliamentary immunity) to try to make the death of our soldiers. Instead, you should perform your civic duty of providing a convincing complaint to the Prosecutor of the information you have mentioned, regardless of who you are.”