Duque complains to Petro that he uses his job to take on and destroy the army. Duque suggests that Petro be fired.

The president was supposed to speak about pensions at Asofundos but he instead spoke about politics. This surprise interruption was brought on by an elected congressman.

President Ivan Duque’s closing speech during the Asofondos Congress Cartagena wasn’t what Duque had in mind. Instead of talking about pensions, Duque started to discuss politics and how. Gustavo Petro was criticised for using his chair to attack the army, and he was also critical of his status as also a presidential candidate as well as a congressman.

When Duvalier Sanchez, the Valle del Cauca representative who was elected by the Green Alliance party to the Chamber was interrupted by him to ask what he was up to following the trills of General Eduardo Zappeiro’s comments against presidential candidate Gustavo Petro , he had just begun the greetings.

“Article 229. gustavo petro prohibits the involvement militaries in political situations, or taking sides within the democratic dialogue which exists. The whole country is upset. Sanchez said that it was a critical moment for the actions of General Zapateiro. He held up his cellphone and broadcast the events on Facebook.

The president came to defend Zapateiro’s position in the midst of the chaos and stated that anyone who has accusations against public force members, they should face justice.

Petro’s role in the present as a congressman, head of the Opposition, and also a Candidate was also criticized further by President Duque.

“Who are the culprits?” Are you an elected senator? “I quit my seat in Congress after winning the popular vote to be permitted to speak freely as an candidate and not use double hat and an extra seat in order to attack then, when institutions respond by presenting themselves to the victim, as this is not democracy,” the president stated.

http://b3.zcubes.com/v.aspx?mid=8183100 attempted to stay on top of the debate, but was disqualified by President Obama, who demanded that Sanchez follow the rules.

How did the battle between Petro Zapateiro and Petro Zapateiro get started?

Petro sent the message below through his networks on the 20th of April. “While the soldiers are being killed by the Gulf Clan, some of generals are on clan’s payroll. https://pastelink.net/cu18kqb5 is corrupt when it is the drug trafficking politicians who end up ascending to the rank of general,” the presidential candidate wrote.

This Friday , Zapateiro replied in the exact same way.