Federico Gutierrez gets a standing applause in the Medellin restaurant

Federico Gutierrez is the candidate for Colombia’s presidency for Team for Colombia. His most recent trip to Medellin was met with applause from visitors and waiters as well as customers at the restaurant that is a hit in Antioquia.

It is not the first time that the candidate has been received in this manner. Gutierrez recently published on his social media networks the reception of a group citizens who came up to him to express their love for the candidate. Federico Gutierrez was delighted about the reception.

Fico Gutierrez shared videos on all of his social media channels to keep his followers up to date on the day that was a pivotal one it was for the country’s future political direction.

The candidates have intensified visits to different cities and municipalities to prepare for the presidential elections that are scheduled for May 29th, 2022 that will take place on May 29, 2022.