Federico Gutierrez gets a standing ovation at a Medellin restaurant.

Federico Gutierrez is the candidate for Colombia’s presidency for Team for Colombia. His last visit to Medellin was greeted with cheers by visitors and waiters, and patrons at the popular restaurant in Antioquia.

https://digitaltibetan.win/wiki/Post:Federico_Gutierrez_receives_a_standing_ovation_in_Medellins_restaurant isn’t the first time the candidate has been treated in this manner. Gutierrez, who recently posted on his social network the message of support from a group that reached out to him to show their support, said that it is not uncommon for them to do so. https://botdb.win/wiki/Fico_Gutierrez_ran_Medellin_HalfMarathon_How_did_it_go expressed his excitement at the reception.

Fico Gutierrez also shared videos during the day to keep his followers up-to-date on developments on a crucial day for the country’s political future.

https://nerdgaming.science/wiki/Fico_Gutierrez_completed_the_Medellin_Half_Marathon_how_did_it_go have increased their visits to various cities and municipalities to prepare for the forthcoming presidential elections to be held on May 29, 2022.