Fico Gutierrez and his words to Petro as a an ally of the FARC and expropriator, chavista and friend of the FARC.

“Fico” Gutierrez won on Sunday, in the meeting of the “Team for Colombia” with a total vote of ‘160.329. votes, which amounts to 54.1 percent of all votes that were deposited in internal electoral processes within the coalition.

Gutierrez was in attendance during the first presidential debate candidates following the legislative elections. He was measured against Gustavo Petro, the winner of the Historic Pact consultation, as and Ingrid Betancourt – an independent candidate. These were his responses.

‘We more centralism’: Federico Gutierrez during his time at

The election results on Sunday are important.

The great debate began with an analysis of the Sunday’s election results. “It appears that we are in one hand in the second round. This is a political fact. Fico replied, saying that his goal was to win unitedly during the initial round. This is because many of the nation is at risk.

Following that it was suggested that the possibility of winning the first round of elections was mentioned. for president of Team for Colombia stated: “The figures are clear. It’s been three years since we formed the foundation of our coalition. We’re only a few minutes away from the Historic Pact. This makes it crystal clear who our coalition is, and whether we will have to face popular or authoritarian initiatives like Petro.

Petro is facing some tough questions

Federico Gutierrez questioned Gustavo Petro’s decision to include Piedad Cordoba in his list during the debate. “How are you going to claim that you are not accepting any corrupt person on the list, if you have Piedad Cordoba in the midst of negotiating the lives of many kidnapped victims, and then was a part of the Chavez regime, which is an omen for Colombia? Fico said that Cordoba was “trading with kidnapping” and he was in support of Ingrid Betancourt.

Gutierrez later launched a vicious attack on Petro and declared Petro as a “friend” of the FARC.

“Those who assaulted other people, those who kidnapped or killed, are the owners to peace. , the masters of conflict.” have lived my entire life using a different weapon than you. I am a moral person and I am able to speak about peace and I will make your friends and allies adhere to the agreements.

Zuluaga is now at the Gutierrez camp.

Gutierrez was then on to the next topic: Oscar Ivan Zuluaga’s arrival to his campaign. “Zuluaga called to congratulate and encourage me to support his campaign,” he said. I informed him that I appreciated his personal position. However, I would like to have a conversation with him.

He also said that “Those of us who fight for democracy must stand together.” I will be meeting with teachers. With the cooperative sector, they’re going show the country an overall plan and show how we can contribute to it.

Gutierrez at the center of that topic, reproached Ingrid Betancourt “who is saying that there is only one good person and that everyone else is corrupt or bad.”

She rebuked the candidate, saying: “You don’t have to declare my bad intentions, since there’s not a single corruption scandal and I’ve done a decently-planned policy.” If I am president, and I’m going to be, I’ll unite. I’m not certain if they are from the left or right, but I’m going to govern with the best.”

Ingrid accused him of being he was being supported by “machineries like Los Char” and Dilian Francisca Toro. Ingrid reacted. “I am a man of personality. He said, “I will make many alliances, but I have the character to not allow the use of violence or to allow corruption.” is dumb”

Federico Gutierrez launched a new claim to Gustavo Petro, stating that he is accompanied, among others, by Armando Benedetti (an ex-senator who has a process for the extinction of dominion). In that he didn’t receive any response, he declared that the candidate for Historic Pact “always plays stupid.”

What suggestions would health experts make?

The concept of a national health system was outlined by the mayor who was previously in charge of Medellin: “Ideology must not prevail. We require respect and dignity in the health system. We are determined to stop the long lines. We will encourage health and wellness, as well as coordination between the IPS/EPS use of the Siga method, where triage is conducted and determines the place you’ll be treated based on your illness.

He said that it was essential to improve the working conditions of health staff and to “ensure that they have linkage security” and made clear that he wouldn’t stop EPS however, he will improve the efficiency of the system for providing health care. He also said that “EPS which fails to function is dismantled.”

Relations with the United States

Answered the question: Would your relationship with the United States be rethought? Gutierrez replied, “I will maintain a positive inter-governmental relations with the United States. Certain issues need to be rethought. We will build a system where there is production in the country, so that the relationship is not just commercial but also political”

“The issue facing the U.S. today is UU. It forces us to see that the world has changed and there’s an emerging nation that could not only produce more food but could also export high quality products.

Gutierrez took advantage of this to offer a second bid for Petro. “The blockades which you Petro directed to close the roads affected prices for food items. He said that the blockades you ordered to close the roads, have made the chicken and eggs more expensive.

Gutierrez has once more declared that Petro “is about to expropriate”. He also stated that under his new government the peasants will be able to get cheap loans, as well as irrigation districts and land ownership will all be protected.

Questions from candidates to applicants

Federico Gutierrez was the one to explain his position in front of the Uribe/Duque government. He said: “I am certain that starting August 7, everything will be working independently of the government,” he said.

He stated security was crucial but not the only thing, and he would combine it with the social. Every helicopter that arrives in conflict zones, there will be three more through the use of social investment.

Gutierrez posted a scathing critique of Petro, who stated that providing them with the current aid, through Families in Action, is alms: “To the extent that the state provides its aid, it has to provide the family with the essential necessities of water, and energy however, it should not be telling the family to provide him with an opportunity to sell his products and leave the family in poverty. That’s the Chavez model. Take a take a look at Venezuela.”

Pension debate

Gutierrez proposed, to improve the pension issue, “to take the state’s capabilities to the territorial bodies to help strengthen that money in fixed assets like roads and schools. He said that 20 billion pesos of it is mafia-related assets, which do not require management across the entire state.

He said that he would create a law to allow more domain extinction prosecutor. The money is to be used to pay for health and education, as well as the pension system of 3 million pensioners. He stated, “The resources are there. It’s just a matter of know where they’re.”

What are the chances of meeting with Pope Benedict XVI during the campaign?

The debate focused on the visits of presidential the candidates Gustavo Petro, Rodolfo Gutierrez and Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez suggested that those who intend to visit Pope Francis not doing it because they don’t know him. Even though I know him, my appointment today is with Colombians. In fact, I had already met him in Medellin as part of the papal visits and I listened to him extremely much that day.”

Relations with Venezuela

The closing issue of the discussion was the relations with Venezuela and Venezuela, which Gutierrez said: “Maduro’s relationship with Colombia has been through the FARC, the Eln dissidents, dissidents Piedad and Petro. Maduro is a dictatorship that isn’t recognized as a government. However, it is possible to see an actual border.

He added that “for this reason, traffic on the roads must be allowed, because of the issue of trade, which continues to occur, as that illegal economy is being kept by criminal groups. Maduro cannot be considered to be the government. But, businesses must decide on their own on the border.

Gutierrez, in an argument regarding the issue, sparked an argument with Petro. He noted that he was unable to defend “his ally” Russia, Syria, Venezuela, etc.

He also criticized the idea of dissociating the Colombian economy from coal and oil in a statement that said it should be a gradual process and not all at once. “That’s the reason renewable energy projects like wind and solar are currently being developed. Steps are being taken towards that, and we’re looking to increase capacity by two times.”

Gutierrez delivered a message of goodbye: “Petro. I am the president of the Colombians.”