Fico Gutierrez and Petro’s words: Petro is friend of FARC. Chavista. Expropriator

The total number of votes amounted to ‘160.329., Fico Gutierrez won this Sunday’s consultation by the Team for Colombia’. votes, equivalent to 54.1 percent of the votes of the votes that were deposited in the internal election process of that coalition.

Gutierrez was in attendance at the first debate between presidential candidates after the legislative election. He was questioned by Gustavo Petro (who won the Historic Pact consultation) and Ingrid Betancourt (an independent candidate). These were his answers.

‘We more centralism’: Federico Gutierrez during his time at

Importance of Sunday’s election results

The debate was a great one, beginning with an analysis of the Sunday’s election results. “It seems to me like there’s only one foot in round two, which is an actual fact in politics. Fico said his goal was to win unison in the first round. This is because many of the country is at risk.

After that issue it was suggested that the possibility of winning the initial round was aired in which the presidential candidate from Team for Colombia pointed out: “The numbers speak for themselves. Three years have passed since we formed the foundation of our coalition. We are still seconds away of the Historic Pact. makes it crystal clear who our coalition is, and whether we will be facing popular or authoritarian initiatives like Petro.

Petro The most difficult questions

Federico Gutierrez challenged Gustavo Petro’s decision not to include Piedad Cordoba on the list. “How can you claim that you do not support any corrupt individual in the list, when Piedad Cordoba has worked with a number of kidnapped persons and joined the Chavez government, which is a danger to Colombia?” Fico noted Ingrid Betancourt’s accusation of Cordoba and he stood in solidarity.

Gutierrez then criticized Petro and said he was “friend of FARC”.

“Those who attack others or those who abducted and stole money and killed are the masters and owners of the war. I’ve employed an instrument in my life that was different from yours. I am a moral person with authority and have the right to speak about peace. I will make the FARC as well as your allies and friends to comply because they haven’t fulfilled their peace agreement.

Zuluaga arrives at the Gutierrez campaign

Gutierrez then addressed the next issue: Oscar Ivan Zuluaga’s arrival to his campaign. “Zuluaga called to congratulate and encourage me to support his campaign,” he said. I told him to I thank you for your personal position and that I’ll meet with him. But I am going to meet with a number of other sectors that would like to be part of our campaign.” Gutierrez clarified that he wasn’t Uribe’s candidate but that he would accept his support.

He said: “Those of us who believe in freedom and democracy need to be united. I will be meeting with teachers as well as the cooperative sector. We are going to set out a national agenda for the nation and demonstrate what we can do.”

Gutierrez In the middle, was criticized by Ingrid Betancourt who said that Ingrid Betancourt was saying that only one is good and that everybody else is corrupt.

She criticized the candidate saying, “You don’t need to tell [me] that I have bad intents because I haven’t had a single corruption scandal and have followed the right thing with my policy.” If elected president which I’m hoping to be, I’ll unite. I’m not sure if they are left-leaning or the right, but I’m going to be governing with the highest quality.”

Ingrid was then accused by Ingrid of “being patronized by machines like Los Char or Dilian Francisca Toro”. He said, “I’m a man of character. He claimed that he could make many alliances, however, he also said that he has the character to stand up against corruption and violence.

“Petro is acting dumb”

Federico Gutierrez, made a fresh argument in his fight against Gustavo Petro. He said that he’s aided in his quest for dominion of the world by former senator Armando Bidenetti. When he didn’t receive a response and he claimed that the candidate of the Historic Pact “always plays dumb.”

What do candidates for health recommend?

The former Medellin mayor, who was elected in 2004, presented his vision of a country’s health system “Ideology must not be the rule. There must be dignity in our health services. We want to eliminate the lengthy lines. We will encourage wellness and prevention, and articulation between the IPS/EPS use of the Siga method, in which triage is performed and determined which clinic you’ll be treated based on the condition you are suffering from.

He said it was important to create improved conditions for health workers and “that these have guarantees of linking” and stated that he will not cease EPS however, he will continue to strengthen the system to care. He said that any EPS which doesn’t function will be dissolved.

Relations with America

To the question, will you consider rethinking your relationships with the United States? Gutierrez replied, “I’m going maintain a close, bipartisan relationship with the United States. There are some issues that need to be considered. We’ll be enhancing the system of production that is accessible, so that the relationship does not have to be only political but also commercial.

UU is the biggest issue within the U.S. of today. It forces us into the realization that the world has changed and they have an economy that can supply more food to the masses, however they can export high-quality goods to other countries.

Gutierrez took the opportunity to make a bid for Petro: “The blockades, which you Petro demanded to shut down the roads, had an effect on the price of food. The people are wondering what the reason is for why chicken and egg are expensive, because you closed the roads,” he said.

Gutierrez repeatedly declared that Petro “is about to expropriate”. He also stated that under his government, peasants will receive cheap loans, as well as irrigation districts, and the ownership of land will be protected.

Questions from candidates seeking candidates

Federico Gutierrez was then able to articulate his views to the Uribe’s and Duque governments: “I am absolutely clear that as of August 7, everything which is working, regardless of the government, will continue. What doesn’t work, I will improve it.”

He stated, “The concept of security is important, yet integral and I’d like to mix them with the social.” Three helicopters will be arriving with social investment if troops are needed to be deployed in a conflict zone.

Gutierrez made a critique of Petro and stated that Petro’s current assistance through Families in Action is alms. “To the extent the state supports the family, it must provide him with the minimum level of vitality of energy and water but not to tell him to give his market to the world and leave him in poverty. That’s the Chavez Model. Let’s examine Venezuela.

Pension debate

Gutierrez suggested that to alleviate the pension problem Gutierrez suggested that the “state’s capabilities be transferred to the territories in order to enhance the value of fixed assets like schools and roads. Gutierrez claimed that there was 20 billion pesos in mafia property, which are not subject to the state’s control.

He added that’s why we will have more domain extinct lawyers and judges. The funds can be used to fund education, health, or even the system of pensions that covers the three million people with pensions for retirement. He also said that “the resources exist, you just need to find them.”

Meetings with Pope Francis on the campaign trail?

The debate focused on visits made by the candidates Gustavo Petro (and Rodolfo Gutierrez) to Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez said that those who plan to visit Pope Francis doing so because they don’t know him. While I already know him, my appointment today will be with Colombians. Fico Gutierrez said that even though I personally know him however, my appointment with him today is in the presence of Colombians.

Relations with Venezuela

The final topic was the Venezuelan relationship. Gutierrez said that Maduro’s relations with Colombia have been through the FARC (the Eln), dissidents and Petro. I think Maduro cannot be recognized as an official government because it is an absolute dictatorship. However, there is a reality on the other side of the border.”

He stated that vehicular traffic is required because of the trade issue which is being dealt with by criminal organizations. Maduro is not recognized as an official government. But, businesses must decide on their own at the border.

Gutierrez and Petro have a new debate regarding the issue, pointing out that Petro is too silent to defend “his allies” in particular, specifically Russia, Syria, Venezuela and Venezuela.

He also criticised the idea of separating the economy of Colombia from oil and coal and argued that it must be a gradual change and not just one-time. “That’s why we are developing renewable energy projects, like wind and solar. We are taking steps towards that end, and we are planning to double capacity.

To say goodbye, Gutierrez said a new puya “Petro You are Chavez and Maduro However, I am not Uribe or Duque. I will be the president of Colombians.