Fico Gutierrez competed in the Medellin Half-Marathon. What was the outcome?

Fico Gutierrez , a candidate was up at 5am on Sunday to run Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon 21km, in Medellin. ran along with Margarita Gomez, his wife, as well as 15 000 others who gathered on the streets of the Antioquian capital. is a Medellin native who is fond of running and biking, stated that he would like to be president of Colombians. said that his government program supports those who work hard academically in order to promote the sport of all kinds.

Fico was in the company of runners as he walked along the streets of Antioquia. Fico received thousands of messages of support and affection in support of his presidential run. Many of the runners approached him to support his candidacy.

In , Petro, the Team for Colombia candidate was travelling around the country. In Boyaca this Saturday, Petro, the candidate of the Team for Colombia visited a church section according to custom. Tunja received Petro, who was the mayor of Boyaca and a candidate for center-right, Petro, who spoke with peasants, academics , and farmers.

Fico’s primary meeting was held at the Tunja Convention Center. Here the politician was able to bring together many of the people who voted for him on May 29.