Fico Gutierrez completed the Medellin half-marathon. What was his experiencelike?

Fico Gutierrez Candidate Fico Gutierrez up at dawn to run 21 km in Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon in Medellin.

Fico ran with his wife, Margarita Gomez, and 15 thousand other athletes who lined the streets of the Antioquian capital.

Fico, who lives in Medellin and has a well-known sporting life, has announced that he will become the president of the Colombians. He will be promoting the most popular sports schools across the country and seedbeds that begin from an early age. said that the government program he’s talking about provides academic support to anyone who wants to get involved in the promotion of sports.

Fico was greeted with thousands of supportive words and gestures of affection as he ran through Antioquia in the midst of marathoners. A large number of participants came to Fico to show their assistance.

The candidate of the Team for Colombia has been touring the country in recent days. For , on Saturday was spent in Boyaca a religious district in accordance with tradition. It was also the place that, Petro visited this Friday. Petro, who was the former mayor of Medellin and today a candidate for the center-right party arrived in Tunja in Tunja, where he had a conversation with academics, businessmen, peasants, agricultural producers and other.

Fico’s primary meeting was held at the Tunja Convention Center. Here he was able to gather the citizens who supported Fico on May 29.