Fico Gutierrez has completed the Medellin Half marathon. What was the result?

The candidate Fico Gutierrez got up early this Sunday to race the Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon 21 km, which is in Medellin. ran with Margarita Gomez as well as 15000 other runners that crowded the streets in the Antioquian capital.

Fico, one of the Medellin resident well-known for his sports activities such as running marathons and rides bicycles — said that he would encourage Colombians as president by promoting well-known schools throughout the territory, seedbeds at an early age, and the development of infrastructure.

He also said that the government program he’s talking about offers academic assistance to anyone who wants to be involved in sports promotion. was greeted with thousands of support and affection as he traveled through Antioquia along with runners. A large number of participants approached Fico to offer their gratitude.

The candidate for the Team for Colombia has been traveling around the country over the last few days. He was, for instance, in Boyaca on the weekend, a traditional religious area which Petro went to on Friday. , who was the former mayor of Medellin and a current candidate for center-right was in Tunja and spoke with businessmen, academics, farmers, peasants and many others.

The main Fico’s meeting took place at Tunja Convention Center. There, he met with an extensive group of people who voted for his candidacy on May 29 2009.