Fico Gutierrez, his remark to Petro the FARC: friend and expropriator of the FARC and chavista

“Fico” Gutierrez was the winner this Sunday, in the consultation of the ‘Team for Colombia’ with a total vote of ‘160.329. 54.11 percent of votes were cast during the internal electoral process.

Gutierrez was present during the presidential debate for the first time candidates after the legislative election. He was compared to Gustavo Petro, who won the Historic Pact consultation, and Ingrid Betancourt, an independent candidate. These were his replies.

‘We more centralism’: Federico Gutierrez during his time at

Importance of Sunday’s election results

The first subject of the great debate was to discuss the election result on Sunday. “It appears to us that we are on the same side in the second round that is a real political reality. My hope is to be united and win the first round, because a lot of the country is at risk,” said Fico, who added that he receives the victory “with humbleness.”

After that issue was air, the likelihood of winning in the first round was debated. Team for Colombia’s presidential candidate claimed: “The numbers speak for them.” Our coalition was three months old, and it was the smallest. We’re only a few minutes away from signing the Historic Pact. It is clear that we are the only one that can stand up to populist and authoritarian initiatives such as Petro in the second round.

Petrol The most difficult question is:

Federico Gutierrez challenged Gustavo Petro’s decision to not include Piedad Cordoba on the list. “How are you going to claim that you are not accepting any corrupt person on your list, even if you include Piedad Cordoba, when he negotiated with the lives of many kidnapped people, when he became a member of the Chavez regime, which poses dangerous for Colombia? was aware of the accusations made by Ingrid Betancourt of Cordoba and he was adamant.

Gutierrez was a tyrant to Petro then and called him a friend for the FARC.

“Those who slayed others as well as those who abducted or coerced people into murder are the owners peace. We’re masters of of war. I have lived my entire existence using weapons other than the one you. I have moral authority and I am able to speak about peace and will ensure that your allies and friends adhere to the agreements.

Zuluaga and Gutierrez arrive

Gutierrez’s next issue was Oscar Ivan Zuluaga joining his campaign. Gutierrez said that Zuluaga called him to express his congratulations and to continue his candidacy. I assured me that I was pleased with his position as a candidate. However, I would like to meet with him.

He also said that “Those of us who are fighting for democracy must stand together.” I will be meeting with teachers and the cooperative sector. We’ll set out a national agenda for the country and showcase how we can help.”

Gutierrez In the middle, reproached Ingrid Betancourt who said that Ingrid Betancourt was saying that only one person is good and that all others are corrupt.

She rebuked the candidate, adding: “You don’t have to reveal my bad intentions even if there’s no corruption scandal and I’ve implemented a well-planned policy.” If elected president, and I’m planning to be, I’ll unify. I’m not certain if they are left-leaning or right, but I’m going to rule with the best.”

Ingrid made the accusation that the actor was being assisted by “machineries such as Los Char” and Dilian Francisca Toro. Ingrid reacted. He stated, “I am a man who is a man of character.” He claimed that he could make many alliances, however, he also said that he has the character to resist violence and corruption.

“Petro is acting dumb”

Federico Gutierrez, made a new argument against Gustavo Petro. He said that he’s aided in his struggle for supremacy extinction by ex-senator Armando Bidenetti. When he did not receive any reply, he claimed that the candidate under the Historic Pact “always plays dumb.”

What health care plans do health advocates have in mind?

The idea of a nationwide health system was outlined by the mayor who was previously in charge of Medellin: “Ideology must not prevail. We require respect and dignity when it comes to health care services. We will end the waiting and we will implement prevention and promotion of health. in conjunction with the IPS, EPS, implement Siga model where triage is carried out and then it is decided which treatment you receive according to your disease.

He stated that better conditions are required for health workers and that they must have “guaranteed connection”. He made it clear that he would not eliminate EPS but that he would enhance the health system. He added, however, that “EPS which fails to function is dissolved.”

Relations with the United States

To the question, will you consider rethinking your relationships with the United States? Gutierrez responded: “I’m going to maintain a good and bipartisan relationship with the United States. But there are some issues that need to be reconsidered. We are planning to improve the production system so that it is both commercial and political.

“The issue with the U.S. today is UU. It is a necessity for us to acknowledge that the world has changed and the U.S. can now be capable of producing more food products, and can also import high-quality goods from overseas.

Gutierrez made use of the chance for Petro to launch a second bid “The blocks, which Petro ordered to close to traffic, caused an impact on the cost of food. People wonder what the reason is for why chicken and egg are so expensive because you shut down the roads,” he said.

Gutierrez confirmed the fact that Petro “is going to expropriate” and said that cheap loans will be made available to peasants under his government. He also pointed out that irrigation districts would be strengthened, land ownership will still be protected, and that Petro will insist that Petro “is going to be a propriate”.

Questions from candidates to candidates

It was the responsibility of Federico Gutierrez to answer his position in front of the Uribe and Duque government: “I am clear that starting on August 7, anything that works, independent from the state, I’ll continue it, and what isn’t working, I will improve it,” he said.

He stated, “The concept of security is vital, yet essential as well, and I’d combine them with social.” Every helicopter that arrives in zones of conflict there are three more thanks to social investment.

Gutierrez wrote a critique about Petro. He stated that Petro provided them with the current assistance via Families in Action. Look at Venezuela.

Pension debate

Gutierrez proposed, to address the pension problem, “to take the state’s capabilities to territorial entities to strengthen the value of fixed assets such as roads and schools. In addition, there are 20 billion pesos of mafia-related assets that do not have to be managed by the government,” he said.

He also said this is why I’m putting together a law to have more domain-extinction prosecutors and judges, so that that money is used for education, health and pensions for the three million people who are eligible for a pension.” He also said that the resources were available however, you must be aware of where they are.

Are you willing to meet the Pope while in the campaign?

The discussion focused on the visit of potential candidates such as Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Gutierrez to Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez claimed that the reason that people plan to visit Pope Francis is because they do’t know the pope. I have already met the Pope, however my visit today is with the Colombians I had the pleasure of meeting him in Medellin, during the papal visit. I heard him speak a lot the day.”

Relations with Venezuela

The last topic was the Venezuelan relationship. Gutierrez said that Maduro’s relations with Colombia have been through the FARC (the Eln), dissidents and Petro. Maduro can’t be considered a government because it is an absolute dictatorship. However, there is a reality in the border.”

He also said that vehicular travel should be permitted due to the fact that trade is still taking place because criminal groups have been operating an illegal economy. Maduro cannot be recognized as an official government. But, businesses must make their decisions at the border.

Gutierrez, in an argument over the issue, had an argument in a dispute with Petro. He said that he is unable to defend “his allies” Russia, Syria, Venezuela and others.

He also expressed his disapproval of the idea to dissociate the Colombian economy form oil and coal. “That’s the reason we’re working on renewable energy projects like wind and solar. We are moving in the right direction, and we are planning to increase production by a third.

Gutierrez as a way to say goodbye as a farewell, stated the following: “Petro. You are Chavez, Maduro, but not Uribe nor Duque. am the president of the Colombians.”