Fico Gutierrez ran Medellin Half-Marathon. How did it go?

Fico Gutierrez was a potential candidate who woke up on morning on a Sunday to race the Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon (21 kilometers) in Medellin.

Fico ran along with Margarita Gomez his wife and 15 000 others who gathered on the streets in Antioquian capital.

Fico, who lives in Medellin and has a well-known sports life, says that he will become the president of the Colombians. will help promote well-known sports institutions throughout the country and seedbeds that begin from an early age.

The president also stated that his government program contemplates the determined support to those who dedicate themselves to prepare academically to promote every sport discipline.

While he walked along the streets of Antioquia in the midst of the marathoners, Fico received thousands of affirmations of love and appreciation for his presidential campaign. of the participants approached him to support his candidacy.

Recently, the Team for Colombia’s candidate travel around the country. This Saturday, Petro was in Boyaca. Boyaca is a religious area which Petro went to last Friday. He was the former mayor of Medellin and is currently a center-right candidate.

Fico’s primary meeting was held at the Tunja Convention Center. Here Fico was able to meet the citizens who have voted for Fico on the 29th of May.