Fico Gutierrez ran the Medellin Half marathon. How did it go?

Fico Gutierrez is the candidate. He got up early to complete 21 km of the Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon in Medellin.

Fico ran with Margarita Gomez as well as 15000 other runners that crowded the streets of Antioquian capital. , one of the Medellin resident who is well-known for his athletic pursuits such as running marathons and rides bicycles — said that he would advocate for Colombians as president through the promotion of popular schools within the territory, seedbeds at an early age, and the expansion of infrastructure. said that his program for government included the commitment of those who commit themselves to academic pursuits that promote the sport in all its forms. was greeted with thousands of supportive words and smiles as he walked through Antioquia in the midst of marathoners. Many race participants came up to Fico in support of his candidacy.

Recently Petro, the candidate on the Team for Colombia has been touring throughout the country. On Saturday, Petro visited Boyaca, an area of religious significance that is rich in tradition. Petro also visited on Friday. Tunja welcomed the former mayor and candidate for the center-right Petro, who had a conversation with peasants, academics , and agricultural producers.

The main gathering of Fico was held at the Tunja Convention Center, where Fico gathered a significant group of people who announced their vote of support on May 29.