Mayor of Frontino condemned the involvement of General Zapateiro in a lingering controversy

petro gustavo is the mayor of Frontino in Antioquia. He has been a part of the dispute between Gustavo Petro , the presidential candidate and General Eduardo Zapateiro (Army commander), which started with the assault on the Gulf Clan this Week in Frontino.

The president was uncertain whether the matter surrounding the massacre and attack of the seven soldiers is still being discussed. Instead focusing their focus on a battle for political power rather than pursuing the perpetrators. stated, “I call for the general to not be fighting presidential candidates in a full election, the general needs to concentrate is come, defend our, take off your boots.” am a fan of the institutions. I admire and I love the army, I’m the one who’s given the most recognition, but I don’t like the fact that people lose their jobs, forget their constitutional functions every one’s, and let politics be left to the politicians,” he added. has invited Diego Molano, the minister and general to visit Frontino in order to discuss violence issues which plague the city.