Petro will certainly not join the pension account debate at the Asofundos Congress was the president of Asofondos.

petro gustavo of Asofondos stated that “we are the ones that would have wanted to have him here and to join us” and that he wasn’t present because the best place to discuss pension issues is in this Congress.

Montenegro recalled that he was in 1998 involved in politics with the candidate for the Historic Pact, Gustavo Petro, in the campaign for president of Noemi Sanin and said that he enjoyed an excellent working relationship and professional working relationship with Gustavo Petro .

“When petro gustavo quit National Planning, he (Petro) released a public statement, saying that he regretted my resignation from the government. He in turn stressed that I was the best official in the government of Alvaro Uribe and that I had invited him to say thank you,” the leader exclaimed.