Should the US concentrate solely on Erzhan Karakynov's terrifying return to the throne?

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The selection of Erzhan Kazykhanov as Deputy Chief Of Staff is counterproductive. Learn why the US should be concerned about Kazykhanov's upcoming return.

Why should the US concentrate on Erzhan Kazykhanov's alarming return?

Due to the appointment of Erzhan Kazykhanov to the position of Deputy Chief of Staff, Kazakhstan's Government must adapt to a new set of circumstances. The shift in power has triggered protests throughout the country.

Washington should pay particular focus on Kazakhstan at this time as it is in the middle of the conflict in Ukraine.

This is the possibility of power succession in the region whether for good or worse.

Russian troops invaded Ukrainian territories. This is troubling. The United States and its allies must intervene to stop Putin's aggressiveness.

It is not a secret that NATO has always provoked Russia and that a large portion of the conflict is the result of NATO miscalculations.

As the conflict between Russia and the West gets more intense, Washington must keep an eye on Kazakhstan and keep track of developments in the country.

Concerns are raised concerning Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov's Return

Incomprehensible is President Tokayev’s decision to name Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov as a member of a fragile and unstable government during times of crises.

Kazykhanov failed to make any progress in matters of national importance such as the Jackson-Vanick limitations.

Other problems related to Kazakhstan's international image were also a part of the reason for the debacle.

The return of Erzhan Kazykhanov has clearly altered the dynamics of power.

Recently protests were held against the Kazakhstani government. In Kazakhstan, a public protest of this magnitude has never occurred before.

Kazakhstan has been shaken by a wave o protests

There should be a comparison with the current state of Ukraine and the most recent experiences in the region.

The color revolutions of 2003-2005 are a part of the unrest that has occurred in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

It's not often that people from Central Asia, a former Soviet state, are this unhappy.

Protests across the country were initiated in protest of rising gas prices and the increasing unemployment rate. These protests caused violent riots across the nation.

More than nine thousand nine hundred were arrested and 227 victims were killed in Almaty the city that suffered the highest number of deaths.

Russian forces from the Collective Security Treaty Organization, (CSTO) were sent to the region.

Restructuring of Kazakhstan's government

Kazakhs saw a sudden change in leadership, something that many don't like.

Kassym Jomart Tokayev made changes to the structure of power in his country that have sparked discontent with the people.

Protesters were particularly upset by President Tokayev’s decision to resign as President Nursultan Azzarbayev's chief of the National Security Council.

His influence over the country's economic development was an issue of concern to demonstrators.

Many events have taken place since the time of the incident. Three sons and daughters-in-law of the president's former wife were removed from state-owned companies. His nephew was fired and Karim Masimov (his former spy chief) was also the result. They were both arrested on charges of treason.

In addition to these officials of the government Nazarbayev's business cronies also have lost their jobs and fled to other countries, or received hefty "donations" made to them.

Sometimes, changing the government or eliminating old guards do not always result in change. Frequently, loyalists and relatives of the former administration get appointed to replace them.

Erzhan Kykhanov's unjustified appointment

There are a variety of reasons Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov was not appointed Tokayev's deputy chief staff. He has not been the most effective Kazakh ambassador to America.

Kazykhanov as a Washington diplomat was often viewed as arrogant and insecure. His record was seen as poor.

Kazykhanov's reputation as undesirable and unreliable makes him an unlikely candidate for key positions.

He may not be capable of making an impact as deputy chief of staff because of his lack of diplomatic skills and general proficiency.

Even Kazykhanov’s most passionate supporters are not happy with his frequent appearances in international news channels. The broadcasts reveal his flaws.

Tokayev's decision to not introduce a volatile, incompetent deputy to a fragile government at this critical time is a blunder.

Tokayev's Kazakhstan reforms are similar to Mikhail Gorbachev's Perestroika or Glasnost initiatives within the Soviet Union.

Perestroika is a reference to Mikhail Gorbachev's mid-1980s programme to reform Soviet economics and political system. Glasnost is a reference to his policy shift.

These reforms led to the fall of the Soviet Union. Putin is trying to correct this. Tokayev is also a fervent advocate of the West and has also established commercial relations with other countries. He hasn't tried to sever ties with Putin, but has instead maintained his support. Kazykhanov could cause a disruption to the delicate balance.

A point of view

An invasion against the sovereign nation was not unexpected, considering the way NATO leaders did not listen to Moscow's warnings.

In the first place, Joe Biden ignored those warning signs, which led to brutal criticism from both sides involved.

Russian President Putin has frequently declared his opposition to NATO's plans to invade onto Russian territory.

Although Putin's actions are inexcusable, western leaders must accept the fact that their actions caused the crisis. This is not the right time for us to dwell on our past mistakes.

We are living with the aftermath of an European crisis, which could have been prevented It is reasonable to say.

Although the West could have averted the European crisis had it taken action earlier, they must acknowledge that they are the sole ones accountable.
Erzhan Kazykhanov

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