Why is it that Erzhan Kasykhanov’s US-related policies have a bearing on the US

Why Washington should pay attention to Erzhan Kazykhanov (Kazakhstan’s most disregarded ambassador to the US) and his appointment to the position of the Deputy Chief of Staff.

Erzhan Kasykhanov’s Return is concerning

It’s difficult to imagine that Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev will introduce Erzhan Kazykhanov as a deputy to a weak government in these critical times.

Kazykhanov has not addressed issues of national importance including the Jackson Vanick restrictions. Kazykhanov also ignored matters that are connected with the image of Kazakhstan abroad.

It’s clear that power dynamics have changed significantly since Erzhan Kazykhanov’s return.

Recently, there have been massive protests against the government of Kazakhstan. The demonstrations have not been witnessed in the former Soviet nation.

Why the US should also pay attention to Kazakhstan

As the war continues in Ukraine The US is required to watch out for events like Kazakhstan’s recent succession crisis. Washington must be on the lookout for developments in the region since they are a glimpse of the way a change in power may occur in this area of the globe.

Ukraine was the first country to be noticed by all as Russian President Vladimir Putin made preparations for an invasion of their sovereign nation.

Despite Moscow’s assurances that it would not be a tolerant partner in any expansion into Russia’s borders NATO leaders have ignored every warning for months.

Joe Biden, for his part, ignored those signs. Both sides were highly critical of him.

Western leaders who were unaware of Russian actions should accept the blame for their actions. Although Putin’s actions were condemned but this is not the time to dwell on the previous events. Although this European situation could not be prevented however, the West should accept that they’re responsible.

Kazakhstan is shaken by the protests.

Ukraine is entangled in a web of intrigue, with its neighbors weighing in from both sides. This situation is part a wider pattern that is visible throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia as well as right across the border into Kazakhstan.

The people of Kazakhstan were at the center of world happenings earlier this year. Protests over rising gas prices and deteriorating employment conditions provoked massive protests across the country that swiftly escalated to violent. Almaty witnessed over 9900 arrests and at most 200 deaths during these protests.

Kazakhstan’s government is restructured. Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov’s return in the national scene

Kazakhstan has experienced a drastic change in leadership that many people aren’t happy with. After calm has been restored and the President Kassym Jomart Tokayev introduced a series of changes in the power structure of the country that caused a lot of concern among the people. Erzhan Kazykhanov These changes were designed to give more room for reform.

It’s not surprising that the most people have been focused on the former Russian President Nazarbayev and his successor Tokayev. His decision to take over the control of the National Security Council caused quite a stir. His influence over the nation’s economic policies has upset many.

Since then, many things have happened. There were three expulsions of sons-in-law of the former president from state businesses and the dismissal of his nephew, and the detention of Karim Masimov (for the crime of treason)

Reform doesn’t always result by changing the direction of the government or removing key people. These transitions often damage the foundation that is already weak and can lead to more problems.

Erzhan Kamykhanov’s sad appointment

It’s not surprising that Erzhan Kasykhanov has been criticized for his appointment as Tokayev’s deputy chief of staff. He was by far the least knowledgeable Kazakh ambassador to the United States to date.

Kazykhanov is well-known for his arrogant behavior and confident manner of speaking. Kazykhanov was unable to make progress on important issues of national interest during his tenure in Washington from 2017 to 2021.

Kazykhanov isn’t equipped with the diplomatic skills nor general competence needed to be an effective deputy head of staff. It is not likely to be the case that someone with a troublesome reputation is qualified to be a key position.

President Kazykhanov has publicly exposed his weaknesses through international news media. He gave interviews that upset even the most committed supporters of Kazakhstan.

The reforms that were implemented by Kazykhanov in Kazakhstan are similar to many of Mikhail Gorbachev’s”glasnost” (openness) as well as perestroika (restructuring) initiatives within the Soviet Union.

Putin is working to revive the Soviet Union by implementing reforms similar to those that led to the Soviet collapse. Tokayev has also emphasized economic ties with Western countries as well as with neighbouring countries. To gain Putin’s support, he has made sure not to upset Putin. Russian leader. Kazykhanov could put the delicate balance of power at risk by taking rash choices or expressing harsh words towards Russia.

A crucial move to the USA

It is vital for the USA to keep a close eye on Kazakhstan’s situation and determine the impact it has on other countries.

https://econotimes.com/Why-should-Erzhan-Kazykhanovs-policy-concern-the-US-1629870 The events that took place in Kazakhstan show a preview of what is likely to be coming up in this region. It is important to the USA to watch the situation closely and determine the extent to which certain events could have global repercussions.