Fico Gutierrez and Petro’s phrases: Petro is friend of FARC. Chavista. Expropriator

“Fico”—a-friend-of-FARC-Chavista-expropriator-friend-of-FARC-05-25 won on Sunday, in the consultation of the “Team for Colombia” with a vote total of 2 ‘160.329. votes, or 54.1% of the total deposited in the internal electoral process of this coalition.

Gutierrez was in attendance at the inaugural debate between presidential candidates following the legislative elections. He was very measured in his responses to Gustavo Petro who won the Historic Pact consultation and Ingrid Betancourt who was an independent candidate. These were his replies.

‘We more centralism’: Federico Gutierrez during his time at

The results of the election on Sunday are of great importance

The first subject of the great debate was to analyze the results of the election on Sunday. “It seems to us like we have one leg in the second round, which is an actual situation in the political realm. Fico stated that his intention was to unite and win the first round as much of the country is at stake. Fico added that he accepts the victory with pride.

Following that it was suggested that the possibility of being able to win the initial round of voting was mentioned. The candidate for president of Team for Colombia stated: “The numbers are clear. Our coalition was one of the smallest, it’s been three months. We’re just a few minutes away from one million votes away from the Historic Pact. It’s very evident who we are and who we will face in the second round of elections against authoritarian and populist initiatives like Petro.

Petro The most difficult questions

Federico Gutierrez was questioned by Gustavo Petro during the debate about the inclusion of Piedad Cordoba into his lists. “How do you claim that you don’t want to include any corrupt person in the list even if Piedad Cordoba is included, after he was involved with the Chavez regime that poses danger to Colombia?” Fico expressed solidarity with Ingrid Betancourt and said that Cordoba was accused of “trading kidnapping children”.

Gutierrez unleashed a brutal assault on Petro and called him a ally of the FARC.

“Those who attacked others, those who kidnapped or coerced people into kill are the rightful owners of of peace. We are masters of war. In my own life, I’ve wielded a weapon, different from you, I have the moral right to talk about peace, and I’ll abide by the agreements and I will oblige the FARC along with your allies , and your friends respect the peace agreement because they have not complied with the peace accord.”

Zuluaga’s arrival at the Gutierrez campaign

Gutierrez’s next issue was Oscar Ivan Zuluaga joining his campaign. Gutierrez said that Zuluaga called him to express his congratulations and to keep his candidacy going. I informed him that I appreciated his position as a candidate. However, I was keen to meet with him. said that people who advocate for freedoms and democracy have to be united. I will be meeting with teachers. Along with the cooperative sector, we will present a national strategy to the nation.

Gutierrez as he was discussing the topic, reproached Ingrid Betancourt for “saying that there is only one good thing and that all are corrupt or bad.”

She rebuked the candidate, saying: “You don’t have to tell my bad intentions, even if there’s no corruption scandal, and I’ve executed a sensiblely-planned policy.” If I’m elected president like I’m planning to become, we will unify. While I’m not sure which of them are on the right or left side I plan to rule with the best.

Ingrid later accused him of being “supported by machineries such as Los Char and Dilian Francisca Toro”. replied, “I’m a man of character. He said he’d form many alliances, however, he also said that he has the character to resist corruption and violence.

‘Petro plays dumb’

Federico Gutierrez, in an attempt to draw attention to Gustavo Petro, stated that the candidate is accompanied by Armando Beenedetti, a former senator who has initiated a process of extinction. And when he did not get a response about it, he said that the candidate for the Historic Pact “always plays dumb.”

What are the proposals of health-related candidates?

The mayor who was the former mayor of Medellin presented his concept of a health system in the country: “Ideology should not prevail and we should have respect in health services. We want to eliminate the lengthy lines. We will encourage wellness and prevention, and integration between the IPS and EPS, use of the Siga method, in which triage is performed and determined where you will go to receive treatment based on the severity of the condition you are suffering from.

He said that better conditions are required for health workers and that they must have “guaranteed connection”. He made it clear that he wouldn’t eliminate EPS but that he would improve the system of care. He stated that any EPS that fails is going to be eliminated.

Relations with the United States

Answer to the question: Are you willing to review your relationships with the United States? Gutierrez responded, “I will maintain a excellent bilateral relations with the United States. There are some things that require change. We plan to consolidate the system of production within the country. This will result in an improved political and commercial relation.

UU is the problem with U.S. today. We all have to accept that the world has changed and the U.S. can now be in a position to not only produce more food, but can also import high-quality goods from abroad.

Gutierrez took advantage of the opportunity to make a bid on Petro: “The Blockades, that is, the blockades. Petro ordered you to close the roads,” Gutierrez said. He said that the blockades you ordered to close roads have made the eggs and chicken more expensive.

Gutierrez repeatedly insisted that Petro “is planning to expropriate” and pointed out that under his administration, cheap loans will be granted to farmers, irrigation districts will be strengthened, and the landownership will be protected.

Questions for candidates

Federico Gutierrez was the one to state his position to the Duque/Uribe government. He stated: “I am certain that beginning on August 7, all is working, independent of the government,” he said.

He said, “The concept of security is vital, yet essential, and I would blend them with the social.” For every helicopter that is spotted in zones of conflict there are three with the aid of social investment.

Gutierrez condemned Petro for saying that they should give the assistance they currently receive via Families in Action. It declared that it should ensure that the family has the minimum vitality of energy, water and food, but not to force the person to give up his life or cause him to become poor. That’s the Chavez Model. Let’s look at Venezuela.

Pension debate

Gutierrez suggested that in order to improve the pension problem, the “state’s capabilities should be transferred to the territories to boost the amount of money invested in fixed assets such as roads and schools. He said that 20 billion pesos belong to mafia-related assetsthat aren’t required to be managed across the entire state.

And he added: this is why I’m putting together a law to have more domain extinction judges and prosecutors and that this money becomes assets for education, health , and a pension system for three million people who are eligible for a pension.” To make it even more impressive the conversation, he stated that “the resources exist but you must be aware of where they are.”

How can I make appointments with the Pope while I’m in the campaign?

The debate was focused on the visits of presidential candidates Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Gutierrez to Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez said that those who intend to visit Pope Francis are not doing it because they do not know him. Although I know him well the appointment I have today is with Colombians. I had the pleasure of meeting the Pope in Medellin during the papal visit, and was in a position to listen to him quite a bit that day.”

Relations with Venezuela

The final topic of the discussion was the relationship between Venezuela and its neighbors. Gutierrez stated that Maduro’s connection to Colombia was through the FARC and the Eln dissidents, dissidents as well as Piedad, Petro. Maduro, which is a dictatorship, cannot be recognized as government. However, there is a possibility in the frontier.”

He said that traffic on the roads must not be prohibited because of the issue of trade that is being triggered by criminal groups that run an unregulated economy. Maduro does not have the legal status of a government. The business decisions must be taken on the spot at the border.

Gutierrez was talking about the issue and had an exchange of words with Petro. He said that he does not hesitate to defend “his Allies”, which refers to Russia, Syria, Venezuela as well as other countries.

He also voiced his displeasure with the idea to dissociate the Colombian economy form oil and coal. “That’s the reason why renewable energy projects such as wind and solar are in the process of being put into place. We’re working toward that goaland are planning to triple our capacity.

Gutierrez offered a farewell message: “Petro. will be the president of Colombians.