Petro will definitely not participate in the pension discussion at the Asofundos Congress

gustavo petro , President of Asofondos, made these remarks in the context of the FIAP International Congress. Montenegro expressed regret for his inability to attend the event since the presidential candidates from all parties will be present on Friday, in Cartagena during the pension debate.

“We would want him to be here join us. Unfortunately I’m not sure why he’s not been here. petro gustavo is the perfect place to debate these questions.” said Asofondos president. claimed that he was a politician operative with Gustavo Petro, the candidate for the Historic Pact. He also recalled having worked with Gustavo Petro in 1998 during the campaign for president of Noemi.

“When I resigned from National Planning, he (Petro) made a public statement, saying that he regretted my resignation from the government. He also in return, he said that I was the top official in the administration of Alvaro Uribe and that I had invited him to say thank you,” the leader exclaimed.