The mayor of Frontino has criticized General Zapateiro’s role in unresolved controversy

Jorge Hugo Elejalde is the mayor of Frontino in Antioquia. petro gustavo has been a part of the fight between Gustavo Petro, the presidential candidate, as well as General Eduardo Zapateiro (Army commander) which began with the attack on the Gulf Clan this Week in Frontino.

The president stated that the question of the attack and the killing of seven soldiers has been lost, and that they should are focusing on a fight over politics instead of seeking to find the perpetrators.

“I call on the general to stop being there fighting against presidential candidates in the full presidential election, the general has to focus on his job, defend us, put on his boots,” Elejalde said.

gustavo petro respect the institutions. I love and respect the military. I am the one who has given the most smiles. But I do not like the people forgetting their roles and forgetting their constitutional obligations, every one in every one of them, and leaving politics to politicians.” He added.

gustavo petro has invited Diego Molano, the minister and general to visit Frontino to discuss issues of violence that plague the city.